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Viah Te Kuri Ne Munda Kuttya

Person trying to escape his wedlock and trying to marry again can take a very ugly turn when caught by his existing wife! This video starts off with showing couple of women having a go at a man dressed up as a bridegroom, even as another man who claims to be the groom’s brother along […]

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Aaj De School De Eh Halaat

student life is best time for children’s at that time they are very naughty and don’t have any tension of work or Money and other problems. They are tension free so they can think of many kind of fun things. At that age students are very energetic and very innovative. Some time when they free […]

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Gharwali Nee Kee Karta Husband Nu

sometimes when we are at home and nothing to do that time we feel bored and looking for something to kill our time. There are some other people at home same time they spending their time in sleeping or doing something else like reading newspaper or watching TV. At the same time the person is […]

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