Aashiq Valo Present Dekho (LOL)

Women can rarely stand insects and especially cockroaches. And when they are subjected to a box full of them in a setting where they can’t escape then their scared reaction is hilarious! The video starts off with showing the scene inside in a car. The driver of the car sitting on the front seat is seen handing over a gift box to a lady sitting in the back seat. After handing her the box, the driver exits the car and checks if all doors are locked. Inside the car, as soon as the lady opens the box, she throws it up in fright as it is full of cockroaches. As she screams in fright, she is not able to exit the car as the doors are locked and continues screaming and shouting. Watch this video to see the scared but hilarious reactions of a lady who has been gifted with a box full of cockroaches.

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