Ice Cream Waley Ne Kalol Keeti

Hosts or servers sometimes bring in a personal flourish to what they are serving in a function. And when they are able to make the folks getting served laugh with ease then it lightens up the environment with smiles all around. The video starts off with showing a man standing next to an ice-cream stall at a ceremonial function hall. As the man takes out a filled ice-cream cone from a metal container using a stick and hands it over to a waiting person, he starts playing with the stick in such a way that despite multiple attempts by the man he is unable to grab the cone. The ice-cream vendor then continues to show various other tricks such as handing over an empty cone with the ice-cream stuck on the stick, inverting the cone all the while increasing the ice cream filled-up in the cone. The waiting man is thoroughly amused by his antics and starts laughing. Watch this video to see the small tricks of an ice-cream vendor which brings smiles to his customer’s face.

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