Bechari Kuri Naal Dekho Kee Keeta

Pranks played on a woman who is asleep and blissfully aware of what awaits her are really hilarious. And when the woman is skimpy clad it adds that dash of glamour to the prank! The video starts off with showing a woman wearing a spaghetti top and pink hot pants fast asleep on the bed in her bedroom. Suddenly a man wearing a grey jacket and baseball cap starts throwing eggs at her. She wakes up in alarm on being hit by the eggs. She keeps shouting and howling but the smiling boy keeps hitting her relentlessly with the eggs without showing any mercy. The eggs hit her on her legs, hips, cleaving and wherever the boy could hit her he keeps throwing eggs at her in quick succession. Watch this video to see a sleeping girl getting bombarded with a barrage of raw eggs.

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