Panga With Dog Is Not Changa (HA HA)

Every person and animal have a tolerance limit. And when this limit is crossed even animals do not take it lightly! The video starts off with showing the view from a security cam placed at a store’s entrance in the market. A stray dog is seen sleeping at the entrance which has a raised platform with stairs to climb on to it from the road. Many people pass by the dog, when man arrives and kicks the dog on its back to make it leave the footpath. The man kicks the dog twice and makes him reach the top of nearby stairs. When the man kicks the dog a third time to make it go down the stairs and completely off the platform, the dog snaps and starts barking at the man fiercely. Another dog is also seen joining the dog as they both bark at the person. Watch this video to see a dog losing its patience on being pestered too much by a man.

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