Elderly Man Teaches Youth a Lesson

In every culture the elderly are looked towards with respect and listened to when they require advice. Unfortunately not all of the elderly are cared for at their own home and are sent away to live with other elderly people in care homes where they are meant to receive the help they require. There is no denying most people tend to develop illnesses with age and some require round the clock help and their children and grand children cannot provide that to them and therefore are sent away to be with care workers who can look after them and ensure they take their medication on time.

Sometimes the elderly are also underestimated and people will try to make fools out of them thinking they are old and out of touch with reality. Here we see one elderly man who is proving he is not past it as he is teaching a youth a lesson. It is unclear why the two are doing what they are and the video has since gone viral on social media where there is a split in opinions. Some believe the elderly is wrong in not using words to correct whatever the youth has done wrong and others believe he is right in taking such extreme measures.

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