What Girls Are Saying About Harman Cheema

In recent months the entire world seen the rapid rise of an amateur singer Harman Cheema making it into the mainstream. Although he took the majority by surprise as he was daily ridiculed on social media, this did not deter him from achieving his goal. With enough social media attraction even those in high places will begin to take notice and that is what eventually happened with Cheema. He quickly received the support from songwriter Inder Pandori and a recognised music production group. Soon he was headlining live shows in Punjab and could not believe his luck.

In the lead up to his debut song we seen a model from Punjab pleading with Harman Cheema to cast him in his track and her wish was fulfilled when he reached out to her. After the success of the debut track “Saletiyan” the model has tried to distance herself from Cheema. In this clip we see her appearing alongside another singer and trying to ridicule Cheema as she now thinks of herself as a successful model and star. Is this more attention seeking behaviour on her part or does she have a valid point and will we see Harman Cheema responding to this video?

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