Husband Uses Wife For Own Benefit

For those youth in India who choose to leave their country and settle abroad, they tend to pick countries such as Canada, England or United States of America. Whilst thousands of students have entered Canada and have no desire to return back home as they are aware of laws and loopholes to remain in the country and to receive permanent residency quite quickly, they are also aware it is not as easy in USA or UK. To get into these countries their best option is marriage and they are now following that path for as far it suits them and then turning their backs on those who offered them the route in.

Here we hear the story of an American female who married an Indian man and once he received his documents for residency he applied for a divorce. The man had used the woman to get what he wanted and then turned his back on her. The woman, however, is not taking this lying down and is trying her hardest to keep their marriage together. We see her explaining her side of the story and how she feels betrayed by her husband and all the lies he told her before they got married and also how she as a Muslim accepted getting married in a Sikh ceremony inside a Gurdwara.

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