Short Film On Reality of China

When it comes to new technology and designs many countries often look towards China in being the first to produce these items for the market. However, when they are second to finish they tend to mass produce and flood the market and lower the price of the original. China is also well-known for producing counterfeit items of almost every high-priced object in the world. In truth, it would be fair to say the Chinese people are amongst the most clever and business minded people in the world.

In this short film we see how one man has travelled across China to reveal all those stories which are well-known to people, but tend to forget. We see the local markets where all types of meat is being sold as well as live animals which are killed and skinned to order. The different lifestyle does not end there as we all know about the overpopulation in the country and how the government has tackled this issue. Finally we see how polluted the air in the country is and people have to walk around wearing protective masks almost all of the time to ensure they are not infected by the harmful gases.

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