Villagers Catch Thieves

There was a time when people used to have trust in the banks and they would keep all of their prized possessions in their safety boxes and deposit their money into their accounts. With banks now no longer offering as much assurances as before people are keeping their valuables and money at home. This then puts them at risk of being robbed by people who have made a career of stealing from others. Robbers are becoming more clever and tend to do their homework before applying their time and effort into robbing one place and will weigh out the positives and negatives before committing to a job.

In India nobody is safe from robbers as even those closest to you will be looking to deceive you at any given opportunity. With there being a major drug problem in India, most of these users will rob whomever they can to pay for their fix. These robbers will not wait until nighttime and will carry out their crimes during the day. Here we see exactly what happened to a group of men who would rob the local villagers out of their earnings. The group can be seen pleading for their innocence when they are caught and realise there is no getting out of this one.

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